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Full Service

Our real strength is in the ‘turnkey service’, which allows us to support our customers in any issues related to the creation and launch of a new product on the market.

Apart from the formative point of view, we can offer our collaboration in solving all aspects of project, design and legislative aspects: we look for the best container for the product with our partner, we help him in the graphic creation of the new brand, we are assisting him in printing and in the personalization and we support him for everything relating to legal, both national and international law.

Additionally, we are naturally available to fill and pack our cosmetic products by using a third party full supply package, also offering a storage service for the empty packaging.

Finally, we provide every security test: Challenge Test, Patch Test, Nickel and Other Heavy Metals, Ophthalmology, etc.

We are at your disposal to fight and win, together with our customers, any challenge arising from cosmetic innovation: to grow together, to improve together.