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Research & Development

Passion, enthusiasm and dedication are our strength, the one that drives us every day to do more and more and always be on the wave crest.

Thanks to our continuous investment in research and development, we have the opportunity to suggest innovative and original formulas every 3 months to our customers.

Every product are subjected to chemical-physical and microbiological tests, following strict standards.

Deep stability tests are regularly carried out in our laboratories during the phase of development of new formulas for the practical verification of the theoretical intuition of the formulators, by interrogating the Research Centers of the most accredited Pharmacy Universities or Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology for each verification, that it’s may be necessary before the production of a new product.

In the course of the years, countless formulations have been created within our Research and Development Center, which have marked a new way in the cosmetics world. Some of them, despite the many years of honored presence on the market, are still considered innovative and functional, continuing to provide a great sales success to our customers today.