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Our Identity

We follow the customer in the personalization of the brand and suggest specific packaging, to guarantee the quality, the beauty and the perfect conservation of the product.

Cosmesit is a chemical company that has been operating for over 15 years in the field of cosmetics, specialized in the research, design and development of semi-finished products and also of finished products, always innovative and avant-garde.

Our task is to follow the customer step by step in the realization of a bulk or finished product, so not only the design and the production of the semifinished inside of Cosmesit labs, but also the subsequent labeling and packaging, which will always be carried out inside of our structure.

The company has its own regulatory office, and this also allows us to support our customers with regard to cosmetic registrations on the European CPNP portal and the preparation of the PIF (product information file), the cosmetic dossier.