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Our Story

We suggest a series of innumerable innovative, functional and performing formulas for the hair care, based on the study of the different types of the hair and of hair scalp.

The Cosmesit Group was born in the early 1990s as an expert structure, able to create innovative, highly technological cosmetic products, careful to craftmanship, typical of the of Made in Italy.

For this reason, we like to think of ourselves as one of the “inventors”, continually seeking effective and guaranteed responses to female and male needs.

Cosmesit is a specialized company able to offer customers complete functional skin care lines for the face and body of man and woman, make-up and hair care, the ultimate range born in the lab. Each of our cosmetic products is the result of careful scientific research on the most innovative, functional and performing ingredients, and of course, their most effective and unparalleled combination, to satisfy even the most demanding customers.