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The company has under vacuum turbo-emulsores of different capacities, for the production of bulk for medium and large dimensions. All the productive cycle takes place inside of our structure, from bulk to packaging.

Our production is carried out with Dumek turbo emulsiores of different capacities that allow us to satisfy orders of different capacities.

The flagship of the company is the tests on the finished product before it is placed on the market, which ensures its safety and at the same time its effectiveness. The rigid disciplines to which products are subjected make them meet specific requirements so as to always guarantee the same quality standard.

The highest purity of raw materials is for us a firm and indispensable point. We only use products from certified companies that always ensure the same quality standard, and therefore the same physical and chemical characteristics and properties, and the same purity.

All the production cycle takes place inside of our structure, from bulk to packaging, to ensure our direct and immediate control at each stage, according to a predefined sampling table in compliance with our Quality Manual.

The production stages meet the Good Manufacturing Practice Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

The entire production cycle, from the formulation to the final packing, is implemented according to a Corporate Management System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001: a further guarantee that all machining is always carried out “in the rule of art”.

Copy of the Quality Manual is available on request.

Finally, we provide every security test: Challenge Test, Patch Test, Nickel and Other Heavy Metals, Ophthalmology Test, etc.

The production cycle of each product, in all its stages, up to the final packaging is 100% MADE IN ITALY because it takes place inside of our laboratories.